The stem cell therapy can help you to heal from back pain, hip pain, ligament and tendons problems, foot and ankle pains, keen and shoulder pain and others that we didn't mention. More to reducing pain the stem cell treatment helps in regeneration of the damaged tissues in the body.  Its good you take your time before selecting the therapist to treat you because some therapist is after your money and not for your wellness.   In this page we will be taking you through the guidelines of choosing the right therapist for stem cell therapy.

The first thing that you should know about the stem cell therapist is for how long they have been offering the service.  The therapist you choose should confirm to you tyou that s/he has been providing the services for many years.  This is because an experienced therapist from the Essential Stem Cell center has on his/her fingertips the skills and knowledge on how to perform the therapy to give the clients the best treatment.   It's also good you ask the therapist now that he has been providing the stem cell therapy for many years if everybody experienced positive results after the therapy.  

 The kind of the therapist that is providing the treatment is also an important factor to keep in mind.  Before you book an appointment for stem cell therapy you should plan for a previsit so that you will have the details about the therapist.   This is because you want a therapist that is willing to tell you everything that you need to know about the therapy without hiding anything from you and also explaining to you in a language you can understand.  

Then you can ask for recommendations from other people.   If you have an idea of neighbors, workmate or friends that had a problem like your and they recovered after a successful stem cell therapy you can approach them and request them to refer you to the same therapist that treated them. Learn more at

Then you need to know what the clients say after receiving the treatment.   The reviews will give you a hint of whether you will be treated by the therapist or not since you should consider a therapist whose patients are complaining about the services they received.  

 The amount you will pay for the stem cell therapy is the other tip that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for stem cell therapy.  The cost of stem cell therapy will differ from one therapist to the other.  The first thing you should consider is looking for stem cell therapy health center that doesn't charge you for consultation.  From there you should compare the cost of getting the same services from various centers and consider the one with cheap prices. Get more details at